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From husband and wife teams launching their first product to popular luxury brands like BCBG, I’ve helped FBA sellers in all stages of their Amazon journeys.

People love the listings I write for them so much (and the results they get!) that 4 out of 5 clients come back for repeat work. With over 600 product listings written in the past four years — and many in the Best Seller category — I’ve made myself an Amazon expert so you don’t have to be.

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“What if I sell toenail clippers?” and Other FAQs

Answers to your most burning questions (and some you never asked for).

Who is "The Amazon Copywriter"?

“The Amazon Copywriter” is me! Jennifer Hutson. Though I prefer if you call me “Jen.” As someone who grew up on Yahoo! mail and AOL instant messenger — but has no idea how to use Snapchat or what the trending Tiktok challenges are — it makes me feel young, hip and way less “elder millennial.”

What made you become an Amazon copywriter?

After a 10-year career shilling juice cleanse ebooks, “make money online” courses and anything else you might find on Clickbank, copywriting just wasn’t exciting me the way it used to.

Then one day, a new client asked me to write their Amazon listing copy and I thought to myself, That’s a job? Seems fun. And you know what? It was fun.

Not only did I get to write about new, exciting products, but it felt good helping everyday people start their dream businesses and providing a service that improved their lives in real, tangible ways. 

After writing nearly 100 listings for this client over the course of a year, I decided I’d never do anything but Amazon copywriting again. Nearly four years later, I’ve kept that promise and continue to help big and small brands achieve their goals on and off the Amazon platform. 

For the first time in my career, I can genuinely say that I love what I do. Also, I like working from home and making money in my sweatpants.  

What if I sell toenail clippers? Can you make those sound good?

I can get customers saying “Me want!” about damn near anything. But if your product is a pile of doggie doodoo — i.e. it breaks after one use, creates mysterious green stains wherever it’s left or gives customers the bubonic plague — there’s no amount of hyping up I can do that will help you.

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Do you have a referral program?

Yes! If you love free moolah and know other Amazon sellers whose listings could use a little love, you’re in the right place.

I offer 15% LIFETIME commissions on any clients you send my way, for any of my services (about $100 per referral). My affiliate program is like the energizer bunny: It just keeps giving, and giving and giving…

If you’re an Amazon coach, Amazon Facebook/LinkedIn group owner or agency who needs a copywriting contact, this is a great way to make some easy cash.

For partnership requests, contact me here.

Do you write Amazon emails too?

Unfortunately not. Due to Amazon’s extremely strict rules around what is and isn’t allowed in customer follow-up emails, I can’t make them as charming and irresistible as they could be (depressing, I know).

So I don’t feel comfortable charging my regular rate for what would otherwise be very blasé email copy. In fact, I’ll never recommend you purchase any service from me unless I truly believe it’ll help your Amazon FBA business.

I love your writing. Can you help me with my website copy, Facebook ads and Tinder bio?

I’d love to, but no can do. Amazon is my main squeeze and I’m not looking for a side piece. I’m a committed woman, okay?

However, if you need help creating high-converting image copy or want a ridiculously catchy brand or product name, click here.

What’s with your weird obsession with sweatpants?

“Hi, my name is Jen and I’m addicted to sweatpants.” Seriously, though: I need a 12-step. They’re all I wear. 

The London Symphony Orchestra is in town? I’d like to go in sweatpants, please. Beach trip with the girls? Sorry ladies, but no one can tell I haven’t shaved my legs if they’re covered in 100% cotton. Surprise jury duty summons? Please don’t mind what I’m wearing, your honor. 

I know, I know. I have a problem. But I like being comfortable, okay? If food is the way to a man’s heart, an elastic, forgiving waistband is the way to mine. I may be a bum with questionable fashion taste, but at least I’m a bum who can make you a lot of money. 

I heard you had a super rare amoeba in your eye and almost went blind. Is that true?

Ohmygosh, it IS! Miss Cleo, is that you? No, seriously, how did you know about that? It’s almost like I put that question as an “FAQ” but it totally isn’t asked by anyone. At all. Ever. Isn’t that weird? (Laughs nervously to self.)  

It’s a great ice breaker and WTF? story people love hearing, so I tell it at parties and on the internet in a desperate attempt to seem more relatable. Is it working? Please like me.

“The Great Amoeba Debacle of 2010” happened back in my early 20s when my wardrobe consisted entirely of jeans, skateboard shoes and whatever form-fitting black t-shirt I could find on sale.

I ended up needing an emergency corneal transplant and rocked an eye patch for a few months. Remember Elle Driver in Kill Bill? That was me. Except without the samurai sword and sweet power suits. 

Before I found out I had microscopic organisms living in my eyeball, I originally thought I’d damaged it with bug spray during a fruit fly exorcism. Turns out, it was just because I had been washing my contacts in tap water because I ran out of solution. Yep, these invisible little monsters are in your everyday sink water and you can now have nightmares tonight. You’re welcome.

What was that? You want to see pictures? That’s a little weird, but no judgement. Google “acanthamoeba keratitis” and have fun with your very own “Monsters Inside Me: Amazon Copywriter” edition. 

Now that you know all about me, it’s your turn to tell me all about you — and your awesome product.

You still haven’t clicked the button? Well this is an awfully one-sided relationship, isn’t it? Come on, gimme the dirt! Is it a fancy swiss army knife? A toothbrush for picky kids? Oooh oooh, I bet it’s a Halloween costume for dogs, isn’t it? TELL ME.

 The Amazon Copywriter

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