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Ever wondered what multi-million-dollar sellers do that you don’t? They hire a pro Amazon copywriter to inject their listings with rocket fuel and send profits soaring.

But you don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to work with me, or even a multi-thousandaire. Is that a word? It is now!

Amazon SEO Copywriting

Blow competitors out of the water with optimized product descriptions that bring out your brand’s fun side and convince customers you’re the one. Includes Amazon search terms optimization for title, bullets, plain description and backend keywords.

Perfect Bullet Points

Highlight your product’s best assets with irresistible bullet points that get customers saying “Me need NOW!” With a little internet espionage, I’ll spy on your competitors to see what they’re doing right, what they’re doing wrong and how we can use that info to turn your bullets into some serious sales.


Amazon A+ Content

You’ve finally been approved for Brand registry and are ready for Amazon A+ content. Now what? You need an Amazon copywriter who can take your listing from “ta-ta” to “Take my money!” (Points to self). HELLO! I’m right here.

Keyword Research

While most Amazon SEO services stuff broad, high-volume keywords into your listing (that don’t actually improve ranking), I use a method that combines relevant high-volume keywords, medium terms and sneaky smaller ones to help you climb over the competition. It’s my secret sauce!


Image Copywriting

Before potential customers read your listing copy, they go straight to the images to peep your product. Don’t miss the opportunity to grab their wandering, very distractable eyes with Amazon image copywriting they can’t look away from. It’s the perfect way to turn casual “skimmers” into cold, hard buyers.

Brand & Product Naming

A little more “creative-adjacent” and a little less “marketing genius” when it comes to branding? Don’t sweat it. You’re already great at creating amazing products, so leave the naming skills to me. My branding services are the perfect way to get a catchy name customers love, remember and trust.

Clients Are Talking!

Don’t just take my word for it. Check out these sweet reviews from Amazon FBA sellers just like you:

“I went through over a dozen copywriters before I found Jen and I refuse to let anyone else touch my listings now. The last description she wrote more than doubled my conversions and paid for itself in a matter of days. She also optimized a different listing in a highly competitive niche that’s now the third highest selling product in the category. Jen is an absolute rockstar and worth every penny!”

Dave White

Amazon FBA Seller

“Over the past year, Jen wrote nearly 100 Amazon descriptions for us. She’s incredibly versatile and understands that great copywriting requires a true understanding of WHO the reader is. She hits on pain points, adds enough personality to create a brand voice, and a touch of humor while still beautifully describing every product’s core benefits.”

Laurence Yu

Amazon FBA Seller

“Jen gets the job done and always makes us look good. Very knowledgeable about the Amazon platform. Fast communication and awesome copy!”

Miguel Espinosa

Owner, Citylocs

Tired of watching competitors succeed while you struggle? The (Amazon SEO) doctor is in.

It’s time to level your product listing up. Book me now and get fun, personality-filled copy
that pleases customers AND the Amazon SEO gods (err, robots).

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